All the things you think are great accomplishments are nothing that anyone lucked into. Amazing author? Skillful athlete? Spelling bee champion? A+ Scripture memorizer? Successful business owner? These people that we admire all put in the work to be these things. A lot of time we tell ourselves they were just uniquely fit for these things in ways that we could never be. But when it comes to the Christian life, some “accomplishments” are not on the table as options. In this episode we discuss what those are and why we should strive to think differently on this topic than we often do.



  1. Genie

    Ok – gals — this was a kick in the butt episode! You left no where to run – no excuse acceptable! And thank you —- I’m a ‘grandma’ age — It really struck me when you were talking about five years from now…how to not self deceive in how to get where I SAY I want to be — in any area. So thank you again. I’ve listened to you ladies since the beginning, and it’s a joy to hear how you’ve grown. You’re not afraid to be transparent, bold, and even silly – lol! I love the banter and the friendship y’all allow us to be a part of. Be blessed — and have wonderful days in the Lord.

  2. Aly

    I wanted to watch the Mitchell’s movie. But I heard there was a reveal with the daughter’s sexuality in a post credit scene.

  3. Anna

    Like most shows and even movie series for children the beginning episodes are generally tame and light hearted and some even manage to keep that throughout their series however in the later episodes of Bluey they start to touch on relationship things and even go so far as to pose relationship questions for the children to answer. I find this extremely unsettling as I feel like the audience for bluey is small children and honestly I always tell my girls that they should never seek a romantic relationship until they are ready for courting which is for the purpose of marriage. I do let them have Christian friends that are boys but they make it abundantly clear that they are not interested in a relationship apart from marriage, I think this is good for boys to see as well and to realize that they need to grow and mature and have a higher standard for themselves before they consider a relationship.


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