We would point out that we live in an age of constant offense, but you know that already. So what now? How do we weed out a fear of disagreement in the church? How do we approach those who unnecessarily stir up division, or realize when we are doing that ourselves? What are the essentials of the faith, and how do we approach people when we think they are in sin?

We will all encounter Christians who look, think, and speak differently than we do. But we also all share a common adoption, and commands for what sanctification should look like. So what are the essentials that unite us, and how do we recognize them?

Pull up a chair and think with us about how we can disagree to the glory of God!

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1:00 It is a trainwreck of an intro, as usual.

5:15 What is adiaphora and why are we talking about it?

8:00 Why should Christian disagreement look different than worldly disagreement?

13:30 What do we do when we think our brothers/sisters are in sin, but they consider the issue not to be sin?

20:25 What does the Holy Spirit have to do with this conversation?

24:20 How does does pride play a role in disunity?

30:40 We revive Feminist of the Week, but it’s super weird.



  1. Taylor

    On the example of headcovering that was discussed, I don’t know that I would go so far as to say those that cover would consider those that do not cover to be in sin. That would be jumping into legalism. The Holy Spirit may convict certain individuals to cover as an outward expression of their faith in Christ and may not convict others in the same way. Just as some people may be convicted to go into the international missions field, those that do not feel convicted in the same way would not be considered to be sinful because of it. Is there a parallel with the example I used? Or maybe I am way off? I have felt convicted to a certain extent about headcovering in worship and prayer. It also invites conversation about faith which I welcome very much. Thank you for another amazing show. I listen every week and always enjoy it!

    • Summer White

      I see what you’re saying!

      The point I was trying to make was that if you believe that head covering is commanded in Scripture, not to do so is sinful. I would prefer that if someone thinks I’m in sin, that they be willing to say so! I’m thankful for women who are willing to give grace on the issue. I don’t think head coverer’s should go around telling everyone they are in sin. Like I explained in the second half, we should be patient and wait for the Holy Spirit to convict our brothers and sisters if they are in sin, and approach our fellow church members with heaps and heaps of grace! Sometimes grace means a loving conversation. Sometimes grace means church discipline. It depends on the situation!

  2. Becca

    hi summer and joy i love you so much!


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