Ever noticed that “lament” is back in style in evangelicalism? In this episode we want to discuss why that is; why are some of the most comfortable people really busy with so-called “lament”?

Ok, right, but we are sinners living in a sinful world. And lament is in the Bible. So can we biblically lament? Sure. Let’s talk about the difference between wallowing and lamenting. There’s a time for mourning and a time for feasting. How do you know when that time is? Let’s chat!



  1. Suzann3SN

    Tell me that empathy is a sin without telling me that empathy is a sin.

  2. Esther Kinderman

    I think that we have to find the proper balance so that we do not descent into toxic positivity and not into wallowing. I come from a charismatic church and I have been hurt by their attitude that nothing bad happens to a Christian, as long as you have faith and pray enough, and that you should always be happy. One of the things that I appreciate so much about the reformed community is that there is room for problems and how hard life can be. This is not immediately wallowing, it is also the reality of life.
    Since I got diagnosed with a chronic illness, people usually expect me to do one of two things, either of which I cannot do. Most people want me to lie in bed crying all day. That does not make me feel better. In fact, lying in bed all day only makes the pain worse, so the best thing to do is to get on with life. But on the other hand, there are also people who expect me to be always happy and joyful and full of stories of how God worked through it, without any room for the negative sides of it. I cannot do that either. Living with my body is hard and is not nice or fun. And sometimes I am really, really done with it and just want my old body with the ability to knit, sew, cook and all the other normal things. And it is okay to feel that way as well.
    Most of my rambling is probably exactly what you meant in your podcast but I am simply really passionate about it. My experience in a church where lament is not practised at all makes me a very big advocate for lament, so your comments about that triggered something, although I have listened to the whole podcast and know you don’t mean it in a toxic positive way.



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