The modern West is obsessed with the time clock. How much time you spend vs how much money you’re paid vs how much you feel your labor is worth….everywhere you turn, we are talking about how we use our time and whether or not it is productive. In this episode the ladies discuss what it means to use your time for faithfulness to the Lord. How can you make sure eternity is in view no matter what you do? Let’s talk!



  1. Kristen

    I’ve been trying to listen to this on the Google podcast app all day and I can’t get it to work. All of your other episodes play fine. I’m not sure if anyone else is having this issue or if it’s just user error on my part but just wanted to let you know.

    • Monique

      I had some issues with the audio on this episode also (I use Spotify), but after a little bit (still very early in) the sound was fine. I’m not sure what the issue was.

  2. Monique

    This episode came right on time for me! I really need to reconsider my time. I have to add that I think I have wasted a lot of opportunities (and subsequently, time) because of fear. I don’t know if I’m afraid of success or failure, but it doesn’t help me be productive.

    If I found a penguin in my freezer (alive) I would probably research how to take care of it and build a suitable habitat in my home for it…or reach out to my local zoo (depends on how demanding the cutie might be).


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©2021 Sheologians

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