Ideas have consequences, and the consequences of feminist dogma are currently shaping the face of our culture.  Women under 25 are abandoning the idea of heterosexual relationships altogether. Consent culture has put women in such a dangerous place that their accusers can claim “consent” and fight against justice in court. In this episode we discuss how these foolish ideas are harming women and eroding our culture as we know it. Christians—we have a large task at hand if we want to see our generation grow and flourish. Are we up for the challenge?

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1:20 What you absolutely need in your election toolbox.

2:30 An announcement y’all already knew.

7:30 Manspreading is virtuous now & hot tips for alien hunters.

13:50 Joy broaches consent culture by way of some difficult subject matter (a sexual assault case in Australia).

18:35 Why is consent culture so dangerous? 

30:40 Why are 30% of women under 25 identifying as “queer” or “LGBT”? Why do women overwhelmingly vote Left?




  1. Di Andrea

    Neosporin! ?

    • Mrs. Miller

      Code word neosporin, just so this comment gets through.

      The ‘women ID’ing as perversely sexual, etc.’ percentage point jump is twinning with another one, touted moments ago in an article on “The Lily” (female-audience focused outlet owned by WSJ), with below cited stats from the ‘LGBTQ Victory Fund’ leader.

      “a record 1,006 openly LGBTQ candidates ran for office in the 2020 primaries and 574 advanced to Tuesday’s general election.”

      “the number of nonbinary, genderqueer and gender nonconforming candidates rose from six to 25 in the last two years.”

      The explosions are everywhere and this podcast paired great with another I listened to before it, between the Editor of VOX Media and Rod Dreher (2019), where the host could. not. get. why Christians are so “obsessed” with sexuality and gender and limitations. Timely.

  2. Marie

    Several years ago I got sucked into the “Christian manosphere” which completely ruined my view of God. But one thing that I remembered a lot of the blog commenters/authors stating was that women are bisexual by nature because God intended polygamy to be the standard and feminism forced the incorrect view of monogamy. They also used the statistic that there is always more women than men to bolster that claim.

  3. Raquel

    What’s the song in the end? and I swear, I heard neosporn a bunch of times before I realised it’s actually #neosporin

  4. Aly

    My Mom is allergic to Neosporin so it makes me a bit nervous. I’m all about Arnica and canned coconut milk. Thank you for addressing this topic. When my best friend’s daughter was in sixth grade just two years ago one of her classmates tried to kill herself because of gender confusion. The importance of this topic cannot be understated!


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