It’s summertime, so it’s story time! Join us for the next two weeks as we dig into true crime stories that have been on our minds. 

This week summer tells the story of a missing 14 year old girl named Laureen Rahn, who went missing from her home and was never seen again. Her mother received mysterious phone calls in the middle of the night for years, the police were empty handed, and a serial killer was later found to be busy in the area. Was any of it connected? Join us!



  1. Molly from Maine

    So my question is this: If the mom is the one who came home and saw that all the light bulbs were undone, and she also thinks that her daughter ran away to go be an actress, does she think that her daughter had something to do with this whole grand scheme of making it look like someone took her? Because you’d stated that she thought that it was odd that the light bulbs were all unscrewed. Like, does her mom think that Laureen was the one who unscrewed all the light bulbs to make it look like she was taken?

  2. Molly from Maine

    I apologize, when I posted my previous comment I had not listened to the podcast and its entirety.


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©2021 Sheologians

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