In honor of Reformation Day we asked our favorite church history professor, Summer’s dad, to come talk to us about Martin Luther. He’s one of those figures from church history that has been so mythologized that we often only know a caricature of him. In this episode Dr. James White tells us about who Luther really was and why digging in to church history in this way is often challenging for us. 



  1. Kayla

    I’m bummed the audio was so quiet on your dad’s mic and I could barely hear him. 🙁 I had to bump the volume all the way up and then quick turn it back down when Summer and Joy were talking. Can you fix the mic for future podcast guests?

    • Mary Peters

      I would agree with this, James’s mic was way too quiet.

  2. Travis

    When James says that there is little connection between Luther and Lutherans he displays his stunning ignorance on this topic. Confessional Lutherans (like the LCMS, WELS, ELS, AALC) still hold to the teachings of Luther. Luther’s Small Catechism, Large Catechism, and Smalcald Articles are included in the Book of Concord. I really wish James would stop spewing this kind of nonsense and actually take the time to learn something (anything!) about Lutheranism.

  3. Bill

    I know he is your dad but did you consider asking an actual Lutheran to come talk about Luther/Lutheranism?

    James White bears false testimony pretty much every time he comments on Lutheranism. He admits he doesn’t know Lutheran theology and that he doesn’t care to know it but that doesn’t stop him from lying about what Lutherans believe.

    Do better.


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