We get so many questions regarding how we have studied or who we have studied, so this week we wanted to answer that question and explain why it is so important for Christians not to have a worldly view of knowledge, wisdom, and education. Indeed it would be sin for us to sound more like the world than Scripture, to value persuasion in our rhetoric over the authority of Scripture, and to lack discipline in searching the Scriptures. We also talk about the questions we ask ourselves whenever we consume material, whether that be in books, podcasts, or social media.

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1:00 Summer folds through space-time.
6:05 Joy doesn’t care about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it does not belong in her food pyramid.
11:08 Why are we talking about learning and educating?
13:30 You can only honor God with your desire to learn if you understand that for the Christian, wisdom belongs to God, and the wisdom of the world is foolish.
18:30 Is there a difference between persuasion and manipulation?
23:10 Three questions to ask yourself to analyze whatever you are reading.
29:30 There is no expedited way of learning. Learning requires discipline, and examining the Scriptures is a command to the Christian.
31:12 The best apologetic defense of the faith you can give is to know Scripture well.
34:29 Understanding the position someone holds before engaging with it is a matter of honoring God.
37:50 Accountability is really great when it comes to learning.
46:15 Are you analyzing your beliefs through Scripture, or what’s popular/easy/accessible?
49:47 When is it appropriate to engage and when is it not?
53:54 Who do we go to or read when we are looking for solid information/solid exposition/solid teaching?


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  1. Julianna Tow

    When you said, “Yeah, there’s a lot of baby-sprinklers I trust.” I nearly spit my drink out, hahahhaha.


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