Pagan practices (New Age practices, occult practices, witchcraft, whatever name it goes by) are common and they have been since the Fall. In this episode we want to talk about why that is. Why do fashion magazines push occult practices like smudging? Why do Christians stupidly promote practices that include divination? Why do we think essential oils can purge us of our sins?

The answer is because we are all worshippers, and there are only two options for our worship: Creator or creation. Let’s chat!



  1. Answering Judaism

    How interesting I came across this episode today. Two of my relatives were speaking about doing yoga at a little yesterday. I just groaned inside.

  2. Jessica Lundstrom

    Ouch! My toes!

    I’ve used essential oils for several years now to treat seasonal illnesses and to deodorize my home. When I first was learning about them I remember seeing the red flags in people that were selling/distributing/ promoting them and walking away from those people, whom I only heard from on social media. I did not and still not sure if I understand the conflict. Pray that I will understand this better.

    🙌🙌I agree 💯 that yoga is evil. I don’t know how to address this amongst some other ladies in my church.

  3. customized

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