This week Summer shares one of her favorite stories and Joy shows us all how not to be bad at discipleship.



  1. Celia Emmons

    Loved hearing about discipleship! I think (or I’m pretty sure) that I am a little older than you. (35) my children are growing quickly, my oldest is 11! Now when I think of and hear about discipleship in our church community, I am thinking about my children. This has really been a game changer for me! My kids are getting to ages where they no longer want or accept their mom’s advice/discipleship. (It isn’t too bad now, but I know it is coming!) I need the church to come alongside them and point them to Jesus when they aren’t receptive to their parents! When I started realizing this, I thought of all of the college students in my church with parents at home hoping for someone to do the same for their kids. #conviction Thanks ladies, great job!

  2. Brandy

    Another great talk!

    As I was listening to Summer share her stories about the women in her life it reminded me of a time i was talking to a friend about a situation that I was going through that had directly impacted me and as i was going on about how i didnt want to let it go because its not fair that they could do whatever they wanted and “just get away with it” (it was no small matter), what she told me changed my view on everything and really everyone ? she said, ” you know how Jesus loves you enough to let you make the choices you want to make, well He loves them enough to do the same”. That statement impacted my life so much now when someone says or thinks or does something I don’t like or agree with or really hurts me instead of thinking ooooh they need to change I can look at them and see the person that Jesus loves just as much as He loves me. This is not to say that I think to each their own I should mind my own business but it has caused me to approach people and situations differently it reminded me that as sinner myself not only did Jesus let me make the choice to sin and love me enough to die on a cross for me he did the same for everyone else who repents and believes in Him so who am I to hold someone’s feet to the fire and I just need to love them the way I am called to according to scripture.

    By the way I am 34 have 4 kids ranging from 15 to 9 months old. I do not have a church home because we have not found a church that doesn’t speak fluffy stuff and I can’t bring myself to be taught by places that are teaching selfism I am currently listening to apologia church for my teaching. But there is a mom’s group I have been invited to went once did not talk about Jesus one time the whole time I was there but the prayer at the beginning thought to myself nope don’t want to be involved in that, but maybe I need to be. There were some younger women there with small children that were really hurting and maybe I can be used by God to speak truth in their lives. Thanks ladies!

  3. Karen

    I found this very challenging. I’m 53 and I just moved to a new area. The church I’m attending has about 200 people as opposed to my former church home of about 65. I’m fairly introverted and insecure about what I have to offer others; BUT after listening to this I am challenged to go and start reaching out. Thanks (I think)

  4. Rachelle C

    I had a revelation a year ago that changed the way I looked at discipleship. I realized that sure, Jesus did preach and teach to people in an organized fashion. That was definitely discipleship. But he also just lived life and let others live alongside him, all while taking advantage of basic life rhythms to encourage and correct his disciples. How many times did he teach people something while they were just eating together or walking around together? That was all discipleship too.

    From there, I realized that this expectation of Instagram-discipleship was just not getting me moving. I’ve got kids, one of them is disabled and in a wheelchair. I’m a ministry intern and a homemaker. My husband is working two jobs and getting his Master’s degree. I cannot meet at a coffee shop for two hours every week to walk a younger woman through Titus or whatever. I just can’t. Physically can’t get my kid’s wheelchair through the door.

    But you know what I can do? I can invite her over while I fold my laundry and we can talk about the scripture we are reading. I can text her. I can send her resource recommendation. I can encourage her in her struggles while we play with my kids together. I can let her into my life just as it is. It’s good for women to see other women doing basic life crap anyway. It’s good for younger women to see me caring for my home, kids and husband. That’s the sort of thing I’m supposed to be teaching them about anyway.

    But no, we get it in our heads that discipleship has to be this specific event where you clear your calendar and drink pumpkin spice lattes while listening to Casting Crowns and get your heart blessed by whatever Beth Moore study. And we perfectly highlight our Bibles together in a cafe somewhere magically somehow without kids crawling on us, or without husbands calling us and it’s just stupid. That isn’t realistic (thankfully, I’m not a fan of PSL, or CC or BM. Blessed release from those things.)

    And women avoid discipleship if it doesn’t look like the discipleship fantasy they’ve been sold. So they just do nothing.

    Sorry, ranting. I appreciated this episode.


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