Every time we mention “women’s ministry”, so many of our listeners have ten cents they want to throw in, or have a question to ask. It is a huge topic, and we can’t possibly address every facet or personal experience you lovelies have had. 

What we CAN do, and what we tried to do in this episode, is address the achilles heel of women’s ministry: the fact that it hasn’t been challenged much. We want to get back to the basics. What is ministry for? What do Christian women need? How do we serve the church? How do we equip ourselves? What pitfalls should we stay away from? What patterns of thinking need to be dropped entirely? 

What we don’t want to do is discourage well-intentioned women away from loving their sisters in Christ well. We have some suggestions, some questions, some answers. More than anything, we hope we can encourage you to think more deeply (and maybe differently!) on this topic than you have before. Join us!


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1:30 Summer asks a burning question that all of us must answer. 

12:50 Our design contest winner joins us!

22:56 Rachel Jankovic joins us to discuss women’s ministry.



  1. Malorie

    Probably one of my favorite episodes ever! Thank you! Feeling so encouraged and re-motivated about my convictions of getting people into Scripture as the mom’s group leader at my church! Hoping to get everyone involved this summer in the Bible Reading Challenge!

  2. Lory

    I dont put carts away because as a mom I dont want to leave my kids and run to the corral and run back and be worried someone will get in and drive off with my kids, in phx where you can’t turn the cars off. I leave the carts for the next mom. I make sure the carts won’t role anywhere and scratch a car but I do not walk them to a corral. Mom to mom. I leave them for a mom.

  3. Angela Anderson

    Can you send me a editable PDF copy of the summer reading challenge…I would love to share it/print it off for the women in my church…thanks so much!!!

  4. Lori S.

    @10 minutes, you mentioned the reality of womanhood in a parking lot alone. Yup! Totally agree with you, Summer. For those ladies who would criticize what you said, check stats on the amount of times a female police officer will pull her gun, (not necessarily shoot, just take it out of the holster during a situation), as opposed to a male. Hmm.

  5. Lori S.

    @32mins- I go to 2 church women’s events per year- our ladies’ tea and Christmas brunch. I bring my mom, mom-in-law, and my neighbor (outreach). Other than that, I prefer to learn and discuss issues/topics/theology under co-ed conditions.

  6. Tiffany Abriam

    Ladies! I love this episode! I always thought something was wrong with me for thinking that the modern day “women’s ministry ” just doesn’t fit with my life as a believer in Christ, honoring Him as well as my husband. I have a desire to help reform our ladies fellowship with introducing the Bible reading challenge. Where can I find that? Thank you again ladies for your faithfulness to the Lord!


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