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0:00—5:30ish The girls ask the serious questions, like what we can compare telegraphs to and how we could tell if the other person was an android.

7:20 The sound gets weird because the androids took over. We are sorry. The content is fine. Everything is fine. And Summer introduces their guest.

8:20 Bekah explains why she wrote her newest book, Classical Me, Classical Thee.

10:00 What IS “Classical” education?

13:00 How does worldview impact how we educate our children?

15:10 What is the ultimate purpose of educating our children?

17:10 Is there a difference between a public school model and a classical model?

20:00 Education as simply a means to get a job shortchanges the real value of education.

22:56 How do we balance grades not being the ultimate goal of education, and wanting our kids to still perform well?

26:50 The androids strike again, the sound is back, and Joy asks if there’s an appropriate time for kids to start sailing their own educational ship.

29:15 Summer asks the really important question: what hymn just really makes you want to rock out?

35:00 The girls say bye to Bekah until next week (when they have her on again to talk about Eve in Exile) and introduce their feminist of the week.



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©2021 Sheologians

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