Vanity: something God abhors and many of us don’t even realize we treasure! Ever had a hard time asking for help? Ever been unable to leave the house because nothing fits right? Ever been afraid to look in the mirror? Ever agonized over which selfie to post? Ever taken mirror selfies because you needed approval? Ever been afraid to cop to your age? Ever been unable to focus on what’s in front of you because you felt so insecure about your appearance? 

…..let’s chat.


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 2:00 Joy tells you everything you need to know about your first year of motherhood.

 7:00 You guys! THE WEATHER! Also, join the Book Club beginning Sept 23rd, and check out the store!

 11:20 Joy introduces this week’s topic.




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  1. Marie

    For Background, because I think it is important to understand what shaped peoples views, I was raised fundamental Baptist. So obviously modesty and vanity were talked about a lot. So I always had a hard time reconciling vanity with the amount of times in the Bible a woman’s beauty is mentioned. As I got older I also had a hard time reconciling why God made men desire physical beauty and why as we age men find us less beautiful (Fun fact a recent online dating profile study found that men find women most beautiful at age 18 and then continuously write them as less beautiful each year they age).

    Even in my thirties I know women and men who delight in other people that delight in someone losing their attractiveness, so I wouldn’t say that no one else is looking at you. In fact, when I have struggled with my body after children I have thought of those people when I’m embarrassed of gaining weight.

    I have always had a hard time with ecc. 7:28



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