This week Joy and Summer tackle anxiety, Philippians 4, stress, and respectable sins. Then they debut their newest segment and you won’t wanna miss it.



  1. Liz

    This came at prefect timing. Was literally “stressed out” about some stuff and God spoke directly into my heart. Thanks for all that you guys do, and I am with you in this struggle! Also love the humor!! Keep it up 🙂

  2. Jo

    Hi, I loved your podcast, this was the first one I listened to. While I don’t disagree at all with what you say regarding our stressed out behaviour as being sinful and the need to call out this behaviour, I think we also need to be gentle with ourselves. Having suffered from stress I realise for many years, I eventually discovered that the problem was with my adrenals. What I have learned is that biologically my body is simply not able to deal with stress when my adrenals are burned out/low functioning. It’s an explanation not an excuse for my stressed behaviour. But what it highlights is that we need to help each other fund the root causes of our stress and find solutions. This involves looking after ourselves and not being hard on ourselves. We are chronically stressed as a society and some of the best antidotes to stress are exercise and meditation (this can be as simple as deep breathing and not necessarily anything new agey). We need to recognise the impact our lifestyle has on our health, and also how our state of mind affects the body. These are things that unfortunately the church has never in my experience has never addressed. Anyway, this is my personal experience. Looking forward to the next podcast.



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