It’s true that Christians have a freedom of conscience the world doesn’t have, and Scripture is not silent about it. But we don’t believe our freedom as Christians should center around tattoo and alcohol discussions. Our freedom was bought for a price, and the popular maxims around so-called Christian liberty frequently reduce this amazing gift to something else. So what IS our freedom? How SHOULD we use it?

Somehow that discussion bled into a discussion around censorship, and how we choose what to be entertained by, because the documentary Leaving Neverland is forcing the world to question who and what they listen to. We did not want to go into a discussion around the horrific abuse painted in the episode because we have already had a lengthy discussion on how we believe Scripture says to handle abuse here 


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2:00 Is there anything more stressful than trying to eat a salad while driving over the Hoover Dam?

12:00 Why you shouldn’t listen to this episode until you have listened to the previous two. 

15:19 What does it mean to be “free” as a Christian?

20:30 What is “freedom of conscience”?

25:30 How do we make God-honoring decisions when an issue seems gray?

34:25 We fly straight into the sun in order to discuss issues around censorship that the recent Michael Jackson controversy has raised.





















































  1. Ricardo

    Just a small correction: At around 42:15 I think you mixed up Bret Weinstein and Harvey Weinstein. Harvey is the notorious Hollywood sex criminal while Bret is the professor who was forced to flee Evergreen State College after being threatened by an angry mob of students.

  2. Eve

    Wow, I’m at minute 11 and you’re not through with the small talk and inside jokes. Way to go.


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