“I’m just feeling really anxious about….” begins so many of our conversations. To be sure, when one considers the fallenness of the world, the fallenness of our own flesh, and the condition of man, there are many things that rightfully cause us concern. The question is whether or not as Christians we can normalize anxiety as a given in our lives, and do so to the glory of God. After all, that’s the goal of all that we are to do—glorify God. So today we discuss what it looks like to have  Christian view of anxiety, and we hope that this will encourage you along your way.

We are not in the dark about the fact that the effects of the fall are very real in our bodies and our brains. We purposefully did not touch on psychological issues or disorders in this episode, choosing rather to focus on discipleship issues and encouragement. We would refer you back to the brief discussion we had about clinical issues around this topic in our episode on depression

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2:00 Earthquakes need not be a sign of the end times.

8:00 The 20’s, teens on social media, and the girls’ high school job stories.

19:10 Ok, fine, we will get to the topic. 




  1. Amanda

    Minute 41:00 – Made me think of 2 Kings 5:13, where Naaman finds the instructions for his healing to be just too insulting (to his dignity? To his condition?) but his servants talk him into trying it: “What if he’d asked you to do something bigger or harder or flashier? You’d have done that. Why not just do what the man says?”

  2. Lisa

    I went back in the archives to listen to this, today, in November 2022. And when you guys were talking about what we will remember “the twenties” for, and I had a moment of jealousy, since you had no idea what was coming in March of 2020. I miss the bliss of not knowing that was in our future…



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