What is good and just and ought to be pursued is based on God’s unchanging and revealed character. In this episode we discuss why we believe what we believe about sexual assault and how it should be dealt with in real time in the real world. 

What does God prescribe? What is our responsibility? Let’s talk.

Our first episode on the topic can be found here.




  1. Kayla

    I had to laugh at the above-ground pool conversation at the beginning of the episode! Most at-home pools in the midwest or Northeast have to be heated daily and it costs a lot of money so some people don’t always heat theirs. They let it warm up naturally on the hot days. If you have a pool and you live up North, you’re only using it for about 3 months of the year *maximum* because it doesn’t get warm enough the rest of the year. I am always confused at below ground pools in colder climates….especially here in Minnesota. Unless you use your pool daily in the summer, it’s a huge waste of a backyard to have a below ground pool that takes up your entire backyard and is only usable for a few months. An above ground pool can be stored in the garage in the winter and you still have a backyard. Below ground pools have to be drained, “winterized”, and covered for 6+ months. Just an FYI hahaha. There are many different climates around the U.S. and crazy differences between them.

  2. Jessie

    Thank you. I’m working through this in therapy but my pastor is hard to get a hold of to talk through. Not just talk but seek the Lord on it. my husband has been so supportive and i want to lean on him and the Lord as i move forward.


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