Today, I pricked the consciences of many and in true Twitter fashion, their heads exploded. The simple, and obvious truth that I pointed out was this:


This post has 427 shares on Facebook thus far, so clearly I wasn’t alone in thinking this—but the 200+ Twitter notifications I got within the hour for saying such a thing let me know that, well, wretches gonna wretch. I’m still getting notifications and learning the lesson that Twitter is a desperately shallow place. Of the hundreds of replies, I’ve read maybe 20 (all of which say the same inane thing) and I find that when you don’t feed trolls, they get angry. Kinda like Gremlins, but less cute. I’m adding my favorite response so far, just for kicks, and because it will demonstrate the depth of thinking that comes from the world:

My response, if you’re wondering, was, “Thanks, you too!”

Anyway, the general tenor of the folks whose hackles were raised was that obviously I can’t tell the difference between “literature” and “reality”. Excuse me while I laugh, but if anyone thinks 50 Shades of Grey qualifies as literature, well, maybe that explains a lot. From what I’ve read, anyone who has graduated from the second grade would be able to keep up with the rigorous pace of 50 Shades, and if you’ve ever wanted to hurt someone or been consumed by petty emotions, you’ll be able to relate to the two main characters. So, may we just squash the notion that this series qualifies as literature right off the bat? Furthermore, if it doesn’t hit you that Donald Trump enjoys objectifying women and 50 Shades fans enjoy reading about the objectification of women in the name of “entertainment”, perhaps you’re a part of the culture that has allowed such a stand-up guy rise to political influence in the first place.

The second main objection from my adoring fans was that I don’t understand “consent”. In fact, there was an absolute obsession demonstrated with the fact that although the main character in 50 Shades only enters into sexual relationships with women if they center around abuse and pain, the women signing up for the abuse at least get to sign consent forms first. Here we must pause, and giggle. Isn’t it just like liberals to be obsessed with consent forms and paperwork? Just the other day I had to sign a mountain of paperwork for the government just to get something that was technically already mine (or was it?).

“Consent” is a holy grail for liberals. Remember last year when a woman diagnosed with “Body Integrity Identity Disorder” was allowed by her “sympathetic psychologist” to pour drain cleaner in her eyes and blind herself? The general lack of outcry and inability to make heads or tails of the gruesome situation makes sense, because it’s okay if people enter into harmful situations if they are consenting adults. Except they don’t just stop there, do they? We see stories all the time of children being allowed to physically harm their bodies by taking hormonal medication and worse in order to “switch genders”. Sure, pour drain cleaner in your eyes! Sure, let children disfigure themselves and take hormones that will destroy their bodies and do untold harm. At least they consented!

So, all the angry spilled out when I dared to touch the golden calf of “consent”. Liberals must defend their right to be profane and perverse you see, because there’s consent and because no one can boss me! It’s reminiscent of my three-year-old when I tell her she can’t eat 12 more cookies. “But I want to!” she says. Well, maybe she can eat 12 more cookies, but that wouldn’t make eating 12 more cookies a good thing. But now we’re getting into moral ideas, good vs. bad, and liberals have no category for this.

The lack of categories and zero objective standard could not have been made more clear in the Twitter-mess. One guy actually offered to “Vote Donald Trump and chill” with me (which was a rather repulsive play on “Netflix and chill”, to which myself and clearly every other woman he has made this offer to must reply with a resounding, “No, never!”). Pointing out the hypocrisy of delighting in a story of sexual abuse and feigning outrage at a man discussing sexual abuse does not mean I will be voting for Trump. It hurt me so badly to write that sentence and have to explain that. I’ve actually deleted it a few times and re-written it. Truly. What is even happening here?

Trump is disgusting. The fact that he’s an adulterer and has had such serious association with Playboy should have alerted the entire universe to this WELL before that audio was released. There’s simply zero excuse for being a Trump supporter. The man is vile, plain and simple, and the disgusting things we were unfortunately privy to hear this week should not have shocked a single person, except to incite righteous indignation. He’s an adulterer. We already knew he was perverse. It was well-documented long before this.

Now that the obvious is out of the way, let’s play ball.

Once upon a time, a woman wrote a story about an older gentleman who wanted to beat, whip, and sexually assault a younger girl. The liberals loved it. Couldn’t get enough of it. You see, it involved a consent form, and there’s hardly nothing more liberals love than mountains of extraneous paperwork. Sure, the main character was never interested in commitment (remind you of Trump at all?), only viewed sexual relationships as a means of physical pleasure (remind you of Trump at all?), treated women like objects (remind you of Trump at all?), and was only interested in perverting a gift from God to married couples into some kind of weird play (remind you of what Playboy stands for at all?).

It does not escape me that the same people claiming I’m the stupidest person they have ever come across are the same people that are dense enough to believe that if one points out the general filthiness of 50 Shades of Grey and it’s fans in this situation, they must like Trump. Perhaps they know I won’t be voting for Hilary, as if that means I support Trump. These are the fools that got us into this awful mess in the first place—the mess where only two candidates have a chance, and both are completely despicable. It’s ironic that most of the country believes they must choose the lesser of two evils, but none of them even know how to judge “evil” to begin with.

Liberals, atheists, and even “Christians” have so missed the boat that they will honestly argue that this story of sexual abuse for entertainment is okay, because paperwork was involved. Worse, some of my Gremlins tried to argue that being entertained by a sexual abuse story is okay, because it’s imaginary. If it actually happened, that would be different. This is like men who scour the bowels of the internet for the most perverse pornography they can find and think it’s okay because at least they aren’t physically doing anything wrong to women.

This is where myself and the liberals must part ways, because I have an objective standard by which to say that delighting in evil is wrong, even if you aren’t physically engaging in that evil. Yes, thinking on evil and finding it entertaining is wrong. Engaging in evil is also wrong. But naturally, if you believe that we are all just apes on ego trips, the evil that goes on in your head is totally fine. Of course you can’t draw a line from mentally being entertained by evil to actually doing evil when we are all just stardust bumping in to stardust. The culture becomes the standard and whatever culture says is good or bad becomes the ultimate authority. The problem with this is legion, but most obviously if we take a look back at history, there have been many times that culture said something was okay, and it wasn’t. There have been many times when laws protected evil and made it normative for society (the obvious examples being slavery, the Holocaust of the Jews, and our current Holocaust in the womb).

So, I get it, myself and half of Twitter will never agree. Trump gives us plenty of reason to be morally outraged, but a country as entertained by smut as much as ours is can only feign moral superiority when things like this happen. And those who reject God’s authority will continue to blow about on the breeze and hang on to whatever standard society gives them, which, looking back on history, is a terrifying thing.



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